Help you securing deals.

We continuously carry out market analysis to get you the best deal. This involves acquiring goods and services at favourable prices. We perform this role by comparing prices of goods from different suppliers, analyzing sales patterns and inventory levels of existing stock and staying up-to-date on market changes that can affect the supply and prices of goods.

Evaluating Suppliers.

We evaluate prospective suppliers before signing them up to ensure they meet your organizations needs. We attend trade shows and conferences to gather information and get contacts of potential suppliers. The aim is to be sure that we signs up a supplier who can deliver goods and services in the agreed quantities, in a timely manner, while observing quality measures.

Material Follow-up up-to delivery.

We are usually strict on delivery as any slight delay in supply can create problems. We ensure that the product is delivered as per agreed schedule.

Product Quality.

We ensure that the product is delivered as per the agreed specifications. We conduct in-process inspections if required and inspections prior to product dispatch.

Logistics Benefits.

We are responsible for goods execution of order in all their aspects. That s respect for delivery periods, setting up bulking allows saving on freight cost.

For urgent orders, the routing will be by the fastest canal.

Managing Data.

We take the responsibility for maintaining and reviewing all records of purchased goods, including their costs, deliveries and inventories. We ensure that we are maintaining updated data such as information about supplier’s product and prices every moment.